• Jervis Rockatansky

Paradiso Outsider Found Near the Commune Tunnel

Updated: May 1

As I am writing this, I am witnessing scum from Paradiso walking his way through the Slaughterhouse Community to see Che Castro. Earlier this morning I was writing a message on the wall deep inside the Commune Tunnel. However I noticed something when I was in there. Something was laying on the ground. I went towards it and saw it was man passed out. Never seeing him before, I realised he was too much of a risk to be this close to our community. I went back to tell Big Ned and his wife Chelsea to handle him.

Next thing I know he's brought into our community, claiming he's a doctor from Paradiso and has a found cure. Yeah right. I see through the lies of this Paradiso snake. He's probably looking for more people to kidnap and get experimented on. I feel bad for Big Ned and Chelsea. After what happened to his sister, and how their niece is suffering from the disease at the moment, they're probably looking for any glimmer of hope they can get. Unfortunately Che is a realist and I'm sure he will take very good of this "doctor".

Rockatansky out.


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