• Jervis Rockatansky

The Cure has been Found!

After claiming that he had the cure, the man that was found near the Commune Wall, Dr. Hammond Goldblum, had been telling the truth the whole time. After he was found near the Commune Wall, the man from Paradiso was taken into the Slaughterhouse community and had to prove himself, putting his life on the line to cure Leah Castro, daughter of our leader Che Castro.

After a close call, Leah had miraculously awakened from her coma, much to the joy of her family. Although she is responsive and well, Leah will be put into quarantine in order for her skin to fully heal and ensure that she is no longer contagious.

Earlier today Che Castro announced to the Slaughterhouse community that a cure has been found, and that Hammond Goldblum will be creating a vaccine. This will be a step in the right direction, a step towards ending the pestilence we have been suffering from for the last century, and a step towards uniting us all together.

A message will be put up soon on the Commune Wall regarding information of the vaccine. Stay tuned.

Rockatanksy out.


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