• Jervis Rockatansky

The Weak Spot to Androids - FOUND!

Updated: May 1

On my quest with Big Ned scavenging for food in the outer reach area, we had the unfortunate experience of encountering one of the Android Guards. Neither of knew how it got so far out. It should have been keeping post at the one of the slums like Fraggle Street or Sesame Rock. Perhaps it glitched out or maybe the Henson Gang got bored and wanted to mess with it. Didn't matter. All that we knew is that it meant trouble.

The Android asked us for identification but of course we didn't have it on us. Why would we? There shouldn't be anything in the outer reach area other than desert rats. As soon as the Android realised we didn't have any identification it went into protocol mode. The Android warned us if we didn't comply with it, it will detain us and we'll be sent to the Gulag Mining Camp. Ned and I knew this couldn't happen. I tried talking the Android out of it but I should have known better. You can't talk an Android out of anything.

Big Ned got frustrated and fired rocks at it with his catapult gun. The Android immediately turned into hostile mode. It raised it's arms, the sound of gears shifting, as two guns came out of it's forearms aiming right at us. Ned and I immediately ran as the flurry of bullets followed us. We hid behind a boulder. We knew we had to take it down before it would send it's location alerting other Androids that it's in hostile mode. The Android Guard walked towards us firing away, while Big Ned fired rocks with his catapult gun, aiming at it's head. I tried my best throwing rocks at it as well, despite missing all of my shots.

Big Ned fired his gun at the Android Guard and shot it's head right off. But it kept on walking towards us firing away, not affected by it all. As it got closer towards us, it was a weak throw that saved both of our lives. I threw a rock aiming at the guns, but I completely missed and hit its foot. The Android Guard briefly powered down, guns stop firing. We thought we were safe until it powered back up, resuming it's fire at us. That's when I realised it's weakness was in it's feet. I told Big Ned to shoot the rocks at it's feet. He was hesitant but there was no time. Big Ned shot a heap of rocks at it's feet, until it could no longer walk. It stopped shooting and the Android Guard shut down completely.

I guess the Paradiso engineers decided it was best to keep the power supply in the base of the Android Guards, because who would go for the feet in a fight? If you ever find yourself in a situation with an Android Guard, go for the feet. It could save your life.

Rockatansky out.


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